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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. What materials can you haul and place?

A. Sand, crushed rock, washed rock, screened pit run, topsoil, landscaping materials,

and more!


Q. How much material can you haul?

A. Our trucks can haul 14 tons or 10 yards of sand or gravel and up to 15 yards of soil or landscaping materials.


Q. How fast can you unload the material?

A. The average unload time is 15 minutes or less.


Q. How far can you place the material?

A. Up to 100 feet from the back of the truck, depending on the type of material

and site conditions.


Q. How high can you place the material?

A. Up to 12-15 feet, depending on the type of material and site conditions.


Q. How accurate is the placement?

A. The conveyor belt features variable speeds for precise placement. The operator is able to examine the placement area and carefully adjust the conveyor via remote from outside of the truck.


Q. What are some common placement situations?

A. Over fences, into backyards, and through doors and windows; behind curbs and sidewalks; into plumbing pipe beds; bedding utilities; backfilling foundations.


Q. How much notice do you need to schedule my delivery?

A. One to two days notice is preferred, but same day delivery is possible.

B. During Summer & Fall we can book a week out.

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