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Save time and money

CAD of Puget Sound offers a unique, quick and easy solution to save you time and money. The company's conveyor trucks are designed to allow an easy continuous flow of material.


The conveyor belt can reach heights up to 12 feet and rotate more than 180 degrees while launching material up to 100 feet! The belt also varies in speed. It can go slow enough to just sprinkle the material off the belt or be sped up to unload the whole load in less than five minutes!


Not only does this unique system allow the operator to place the material with precision and accuracy even in hard-to-reach places, it also allows the material to be placed directly from the conveyor truck to your desired location, making cleanup minimal!

CAD of Puget Sound's Personal Commitment Statement

Our personal commitment is to provide the highest quality of service to every customer on every job.


See for yourself:

"CAD was able to place my topsoil and compost with unbelievable accuracy in areas that would have taken me hours to move with a wheelbarrow."

-Gary Moorehead

CAD's drivers will always leave you happy.

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CAD has the tools to make everything easy.

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CAD has been helping contractors for years.

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Delivering anywhere in Washington State, CAD of Puget Sound can save you time and money with precise placement.

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CAD of Puget Sound is the premier choice for contractors and homeowners. You'll always get prompt, professional, and courteous service. No job is too big, small, or too far away!

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