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All CAD of Puget Sound drivers own and operate their own truck. Each truck features a remote drive system that enables the operator to move the truck forwards and backwards along with being able to steer the truck while spreading the material.

The conveyor system is also operated by remote control, so the operator can stand wherever needed to see the placement area. The operator can then adjust the conveyor's position as well as its speed to ensure precise placement.

Each truck can haul 14-ton loads-about 10 yards of sand and gravel or 15 yards of topsoil, bark and mulch. The conveyor belt can reach heights up to 15 feet and rotate more than 180 degrees while launching material up to 80-100 feet! The belt also varies in speed. It can go slow enough to just sprinkle the material off the belt or be sped up to unload the whole load in less than 5 minutes!